About Virtual Work Experience Services

Our Virtual Work Experience Programme has been devised to support schools currently unable to offer a Work Experience to pupils/students from Y10 to Y13 or as an extra to enable pupils/students to access a wider range of experiences. Each Experience allows pupils to listen to industry professionals and complete research worksheets in the occupation of their choice. Our Extended Option provides certificates to those who pass the assessment criteria.

We also offer a twelve-Step Virtual Careers Programme, Virtual Company Visits, Virtual School Trips and a menu of Pastoral and Live activities.

All Programmes are accessible 24/7/365 and can be used at school or at home using a simple login.

Lorenzo Cosco

Lorenzo Cosco has over twenty year’s experience in delivering Careers Advice and Skills Development activities in schools across the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

Joanne Shalloe

Joanne Shalloe has worked in Education for eighteen years and is the Managing Director of Work Experience Support Services.